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Ventresca di tonno bonito del norte (112gr)

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Whole slices of Bonito del Norte ventresca in glass jar with olive oil

Product Description


Whole slices of Bonito del Norte ventresca (white tuna belly) in olive oil


Whole slices of tuna, white in colour with pink shades without crumbles


In the mouth it melts literally, with an extremely sweet taste and aromatic variety


Yurrita e Hijos – Mutriku – Spain


Ventresca is the most precious part of tuna. It is placed on the fish’s belly and accounts for only 2-3% of the weight of the whole tuna. It is separated manually and cooked separately from the rest of the tuna. Ventresca has a fat content significantly higher than the average tuna; for this reason it is considered the most precious part, because it is much softer to the palate

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