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Asiago d’Allevo DOP Mezzano (200gr)

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Asiago DOP aged 4 months, with intense taste and compact texture

Product Description


Cheese produced with cow’s raw milk and aged at least 4 months


The rind is smooth and regular, amber in color; the paste is straw yellow, compact and with
small to medium eyes


Sweet and slightly sapid, with hints of honey, butter, and flowers


At least 4 months


Asiago production dates back to the year 1000 when it was produced with sheep’s milk. In
1500 sheep were replaced with cows and shepherds developed the production technique
still used today in the mountain dairies. The most ancient Asiago is Asiago d’Allevo, whereas
Asiago Pressato is a more recent cheese, produced since the ’20


Delicious with Biancoperla corn flour white polenta, in salads with raw Radicchio di Treviso
and nuts, but also with fresh fruits

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