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Pomodori ciliegini soleggiati (100gr)

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Sun-dried cherry tomatoes cultivated and processed in Salento, Apulia

Product Description


Cherry tomatoes sun-dried as required by tradition is in fact an ancient practice and has
been almost completely abandoned because is difficult and delicate. The result is a product
with unique organoleptic properties, authentic taste, and flavor


Tomatoes intense red color and rich in pulp


Sweet with light notes of vinegar and an intense flavor of tomatoes


I Contadini – Ugento (LE) – Apulia


The most interesting aspect of I Contadini is the deep link with the land and the traditions.
The vegetables are produced by the firm, with integrated techniques, in the province of Lecce
in Apulia region, and naturally dried under the strong sun of Salento, according to an ancient
tradition, preserving in them all the organoleptic and nourishing qualities
SUGGESTIONS Delicious with ricotta or served with a warm bruschetta; it can be also used as an appetizing
ingredient for sandwiches

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