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Pate di peperoni (230gr)

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Patè with sweet red peppers, delicious in many recipes

Product Description


Patè with sweet red peppers produced in Apulia by „I Contadini farm” with a mix of
vegetables and Mediterranean spices


Bright red to orange in color; the texture is homogeneous
TASTE Slightly spicy and with aromatic notes


I Contadini – Ugento (LE) – Apulia


The most interesting aspect of I Contadini is the deep link with the land and the traditions.
The vegetables are produced by the firm, with integrated techniques, in the province of Lecce
in Apulia region


Sweet red peppers are grown in the open field starting from May and hand-harvested
between August and September; they are washed, selected, cut in slices and matured in salt
for a short period, finally washed again and crushed with other Mediterranean vegetables
and spices


Excellent for making bruschetta or for filling rich sandwiches; to try also in sautéed, in mussel
sauté, in pizzaiola meat or as a flavor enhancer for a simple tomato sauce

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