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Pecorino romano DOP crosta nera (200gr)

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DOP Pecorino cheese produced in Sardinia

Product Description


The classic Pecorino Romano DOP produced with thermised milk from sheeps of Sarda breed collected only from the members of the


The rind is straw yellow, covered with a black coat; the paste is hard with few eyes, white or pale yellow in colour


Intente, savoury and with notes of milk


At least 8 months


CAO Formaggi – Fenosu (OR) – Sardinia


CAO Formaggi – Cooperativa Allevatori Ovini is a cooperative made up of 700 members, founded in 1966 with the aim of enhancing the shepherd heritage of the Sardinian territory and join together the farmers, transforming the milk produced in the respective farms to produce an interesting range of cheeses


700 years b.C. around the city of Rome teh empire was controlling the production of Pecorino because it used to feed the soldiers with such a nutrient food. The reason why it has been always a very salted cheese has to do with the power of Rome: salt have always been a currency and having that meant to have authority. Today this cheese is mainly done in Sardinia.


Key ingrediet of the traditional pasta „Cacio e pepe”, „Gricia” or „Carbonara”, try it with fresh broad beans and artigianal bread. Interesting the combination with honey, jams or mustards at the end of a dinner

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