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Burrata (250gr)

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Artisanal pasta filata cheese filled with strips of mozzarella and cream, in tub

Product Description


Pasta filata cheese produced with cow’s milk of top quality which comes exclusively from the Murgia, a plateau in the Apulian hinterland


The paste shows a double structure: a heart of cream and mozzarella strips wrapped in a an envelope of mozzarella


The taste is fresh and sweet, with a typical aroma of milk and cream Caseificio Olanda – Andria (BA) – Puglia


Caseificio Olanda – Andria (BA) – Puglia


Burrata by Olanda dairy is an authentic product and the testament to a level of craftmanship that has few equals in this sector


Olanda dairy is the very essence of artisan production: they process 5000 kg of milk each day (an industrial size dairy processes 30 times as much), they only use the milk from two apulian cowsheds and chooses to tear up the mozzarella sheets by hand


Excellent on its own, with vegetables, with an extra virgin olive oil or to finish a pizza

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