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Zucchine in olio extra vergine di oliva (190gr)

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An appetizer of vegetables based on natural zucchini.

Product Description

An appetizer of vegetables based on natural zucchini. The freshly harvested courgettes after washing are thinly sliced ​​and laid one at a time in the jar. Then they are put in salt for 18-24 hours and then slightly blanched in vinegar and put in oil. Zucchini are left in their natural state to maintain the original flavor, freshness, and consistency. They have a slight acetate perfume and an intense green color, typical of freshly cut courgettes. Inside each jar, you will find the freshness and intensity of each individual ingredient. These courgettes like all our products are prepared without the use of additives, preservatives, and chemical flavors. Our extra virgin olive oil is always part of these tasty ingredients.

Dear guests, for the moment, due to rush hour conditions, we are not doing deliveries. Maintaining a high level of quality is our main goal. Thank you for your understanding!