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Tonno in salsa picante (200gr)

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The tuna in fresh chilli sauce makes a delicious alternative to our tuna in olive oil.

Dedicated to lovers of strong flavours.

Product Description

A tasty combination of our choicest tuna and fresh chili pepper.

A particular and intense flavour, just enough to give the Calvi Tuna a truly lively touch.

The Calvi Tuna in Chilli Sauce, designed for the most discerning of palates, is perfect for seasoning savoury first courses.

Unmatched as a delicious sandwich filling and for topping bruschetta, as well as enriching lively salads.

Dear guests, for the moment all our drivers are delivering other orders, however we can still prepare your order if you are willing to pick it up from the restaurant,daily from 12:00 to 21:00.Please call 021.231 23 86 to place your order.Thank you for understanding.