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Salame Felino IGP 200gr

40,00 lei

High quality salami of Parma tradition, produced with very selected raw material

Product Description


Salame prodeced with fresh meat of pigs born, reared and slaughtered in Italy, in a gentle gut


Compact, with lean meat parts of ruby red color alternating with fat white parts; the composition is typically lean, as it is required for Felino


Sweet and delicate, thanks to a moderate use of salt of spices; it presents a complex taste due to the long maturation


At least 45 days


Fereoli Gino e figlio – Pilastro di Langhirano (PR) – Emilia Romagna


We choose Salame Felino by Fereoli because of two main characteristics: raw materials are carefully selected and the product matures for at least 45 days


The name comes from the small village of Felino in the province of Parma where this fine salami was produced for the first time


To taste cut in thin slices in a slightly perpendicular way, alone or with homemade bread

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