Riso ermes (1kg)

60,00 lei

Brown and aromatic red Italian rice cultivated in a Protected Area

Product Description


Brown and aromatic red Italian rice cultivated in a Protected Area and certified Friend of the

It is a brown rice with a rusty red color; anthocyanin, an antioxidant, is the pigment that
gives the red color


It has a delicate aroma


Cascina Oschiena – Crova (VC) – Piedmont


Brow rice rich in properties, it comes from sustainable cultivation where integrated
production techniques are used in order to guarantee high-quality production and the
environment safeguard. We find in the rice the same attention that Alice Cerutti puts during
the cultivation: Cascina Oschiena has obtained the EU recognition of Special Protection Area
and since 2018 has become „Natural Oasis” thanks to the conversion of 25 hectares previously
dedicated to the cultivation of rice to the creation of an oasis for the protection of biodiversity.
CURIOSITY Ermes is a cross between the Venere Rice and a specific type with a fine and long grain. It is
rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and above all iron; it is gluten-free, it is also well-known for its
anti-oxidant properties


It is perfect just with extra virgin olive oil but it is excellent even with fish or vegetables.
Cooking time: 35-40 minutes

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