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Capocollo martina fresca (200gr)

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A typical cold cut of Apulia region,

Product Description


Pork meat obtained mainly from pigs born, breed and slaughtered in the area of Valle d ́Itria; the anatomical piece used is the upper part of the neck of the pig


The slice shows a vinous red colour with slight veins of fat, ivory-white; the lean part dominates compared to the fat part


Delicate, slightly tangy, with intense notes of toasted aroma, pepper, smoke and cellar


Salumificio Santoro – Cisternino (BR) – Puglia


Giuseppe Santoro and Piero Caramia, together with their daughters and sons, are committed to rediscover authentic techniques to safeguard typical products of Apulia


Capocollo of Martina Franca is produced in the heart of Apulia, on the hills called Murgia, particularly in the towns Martina Franca, Cisternino and Locorondo, that surround Valle d’Itria. It is a typical ancient sausage of this region, well known already in the XVIII century not only in Apulia but also in all the Kingdom of Naples. Capocollo of Martina Franca is a product typical of the territory where it is produced; bound to the natural resources and the landscape itself, from which it draws scents and aromas that only the essence of this region can give


It is recommended to remove the gut before slicing, in order to avoid carry-over the mold inside of the slice. One of the most Authentic pieces of Charcuterie made in Puglia. Excellent on a board with some other salamis from the area. Beautiful in sandwiches with the presence of some Pecorino or canestrato. Goes nicely with some Primitivo red wines

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