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Riso carnaroli supe rfino „Riserva San Masimo” (1kg)

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100% Carnaroli rice, grown in a natural reserve in the Ticino river park

Product Description


Carnaroli rice, cultivated by Riserva San Massimo in the natural reserve of the Ticino river


The grains have a characteristic straw yellow color that comes from traditional processing
with a single whitening phase without the use of chemical products


Riserva San Massimo – Gropello Cairoli (PV) – Lombardy


Carnaroli rice is one of the best Italian varieties. The Carnaroli Rice Riserva San Massimo
grows in a natural uncontaminated environment, in northern Italy. It grows in fields irrigated
with spring water and is refined using the most advanced technologies with utmost attention
to human health and soil. The distinguishing pale yellow color comes from a traditional
single whitening operation obtained without any chemical products. The superior quality of
this rice is guaranteed by using exclusively controlled and unmodified Carnaroli seeds and
no other species


Suits perfectly well to every rice-based dish due to its great culinary qualities: the high
content of starch which allows a natural creaming and low stickiness and excellent
cooking resistance. Perfect for salads, fried rice balls, and of course for risotto

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