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Ragu di Anatra (190gr)

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A finest quality duck ragu sauce, genuine in taste

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Product Description


Ragu made from duck meat and fresh vegetables, ready to use


The texture is homogeneous and pleasant, the color is brown to dark brown


Tasty sauce, it reminds homemade ragu


Ideal for dressing all kinds of pasta, is special with ‘Bigoi’, big artisanal bucatini, according to
an old Venetian recipe. It is recommended to warm in the sauce in a pan or in ‘bain-marie’
before using

Dear guests, for the moment all our drivers are delivering other orders, however we can still prepare your order if you are willing to pick it up from the restaurant,daily from 12:00 to 21:00.Please call 021.231 23 86 to place your order.Thank you for understanding.