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Porchetta ariccia (200gr)

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Log in half of the classical Roman porchetta, to eat with the rind

Product Description


Pork, boned and seasoned with spices and other natural flavours (salt, pepper, garlic and wild fennel) is tied around a bar of steel and cooked for about 4-5 hours in electric ovens, where the temperature reaches 300 °C


Compact, with clear spiciness, covered with a crispy rind


Sweet, with an important contribution of spices mixed according to the traditional recipe


Leopardi – Ariccia (Rome) – Lazio


Ariccia is known throughout the world as the home of Porchetta, a gastronomic tradition whose origins date back to around three thousand years ago


Porchetta can be served cold and, if kept in the right way, remains tasty and fragrant for at least two weeks, despite being free of preservatives and additives

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