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Pesto di basilico genovesse D.O.P (130gr)

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Pesto is the typical sauce that people from Liguria (Italy) have always used to dress pasta.

Product Description

Pesto is the typical sauce, originating from Genoa, that people throughout Liguria (Italy) use to dress pasta. Traditionally potatoes and string beans are added to the dish, boiled together with the pasta. However, pesto can used in many, equally delicious ways in the kitchen, such as on pizza, in a dip for crudites or as part of a dressing for vegetables to name a few.

The name pesto comes from the Genoese word pestà meaning to pound or grind referring to the process of crushing the basil, pine nuts and garlic, traditionally in a pestle and mortar.

The secret of our Pesto is in the high percentage of pine nuts and the quality of basil: only Genoese Basil P.D.O. grown in open-air fields under the Ligurian sunshine.

Our recipe certainly does not exceed the normal amounts of garlic, however, this „non-traditional” garlic-free variant (for the Genoese „pesto without garlic is not pesto) meets the needs of those who really do not want any garlic at all.

Dear guests, for the moment, due to rush hour conditions, we are not doing deliveries. Maintaining a high level of quality is our main goal. Thank you for your understanding!