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Marmellata di mandarino tardivo (220gr)

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Marmalade produced in Sicily by Scyavuru

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Product Description


Mandarin marmalade Late variety Avana produced in Sicily by Scyavuru exclusively with
mandarins from associated companies


Sweet with a typical mandarin scent, it retains all the scent of fruit


Scyavuru – Ribera (AG) – Sicily


We chose this jar because it was produced with mandarins coming from selected producers,
natural pectins extracted from the citrus peel are used to shorten the cooking times and
enhance the raw material.


The name ‘sciavuru’ in Sicilian dialect means scent, smell, fragrance. The attachment to
tradition is also reflected in cultivating land and fruit production. The production of jams, jams
and jellies is linked to a patrimony of recipes and procedures passed down through

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