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Farina Petra 9 (1kg)

25,00 lei

Whole Wheat flour ideal for various preparations

Product Description


This is 100% Italian integral wheat flour ground by very hard stones that do not leave a residue.
This process ensures that specific components of the grain – than in a normal process of
grinding are discarded or lost – are used in this flour and pass to it unique tasting and


It has an amber color and a pleasantly speckled appearance, with strong evidence of the
fragments of the grain, of different colors and size


The grinding stone gives a unique taste and distinctive aromas recognizable immediately after
opening the packet.


Molino Quaglia – Vighizzolo d’Este (PD) – Veneto


Compared to the industrial flour in a kg of Petra there are fewer parts of starch, more fibers,
more vitamins and oily parts of wheat germ: the high gluten content of the dough ensures
high stability and a high degree of water absorption


Petra 9 is ideal for dough with a high fiber and germ content, such as pizza, all types pf
bread, pasta, croissants, brioche, breadsticks, and more

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