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balsamico san giacomo 100ml

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The Acetaia dressing is the classic „everyday” balsamic. It was the first to be put on the market 20 years ago (if I find some photos of how it was placed somewhere) to meet the need to have a Balsamic vinegar made only with cooked must of local grapes and that was not obviously neither a traditional one (because it is wasted with salad), nor an industrial supermarket balsamic vinegar. Aside from salads and grilled meat, we think it can also be enjoyed on a caprese and on a raw meat carpaccio. As you know, a few drops of our dressing on a (delicately) grilled scallop are the favorite dish of the President of the United States of America in his equally favorite restaurant in Chicago (Spiaggia ‘ s restaurant) … and I say little! If possible, dilute the salt first (and maybe a good pepper) and the various – if any – herbs with a little seasoning. When everything has dissolved properly, incorporate with the oil. If you want to exaggerate, you can also emulsify it by making a nice creamy vinegrette ideal for a „standing” pinzimonio.

Product Description

The Acetaia dressing is the classic „everyday” balsamic. 

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