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Ventresca di tonno al olio di oliva (200gr)

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Only for the most discerning of palatesthe Ventresca Tuna is produced in limited quantities from the meat of the belly of the tuna.

It is characterized by a more intense flavour and greater tenderness with respect to the normal tuna .

Product Description

The Ventresca Tuna is a real delicacy, being obtained exclusively from the belly, the prized part of the fish, where the meat is the most tender and delicate.

Clean and cut by handwith great care, this sought-after product is processed and covered with a delicate olive oil so as not to affect the flavour of the fish in any way.

A product of the highest quality, to be appreciated as it is, with a sidedish of fresh vegetables.

Also perfect for adding a touch of class to salads.

Dear guests, for the moment all our drivers are delivering other orders, however we can still prepare your order if you are willing to pick it up from the restaurant,daily from 12:00 to 21:00.Please call 021.231 23 86 to place your order.Thank you for understanding.