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Filetti di acciuga 200gr

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Product Description

These little fish are packed with flavour, as well as being rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, making them a very popular and healthy choice in the Italian cuisine.

The Calvi Anchovy Fillets are strictly Italian; and cleaned and prossessed by hand.

Anchovy fillets

in olive oil

200 gr

The best anchovies fished in the Mediterranean are carefully selected and processed at the time, in order to keep all the flavour of the fresh fish.

After being carefully cleaned, they are put into the jar by hand and covered with a good olive oil.

Like all oily fish, they are rich in omega-3 which is thought to play an important role in cardiovascular health. As well as being full of minerals and vitamins which help to maintain good health, including benefits such as healthier skin, lowering bad cholesterol and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Great on pizza or on buttered toast, as a refreshing accompaniment to an aperitif. Also recommended as a stuffing in peppers etc, in pasta dishes and as a basis for more sophisticated recipes.

The glass bottle allows you to visually appreciate the quality of the product.

Dear guests, for the moment, due to rush hour conditions, we are not doing deliveries. Maintaining a high level of quality is our main goal. Thank you for your understanding!