• Torta salata
    ricotta e pomodoro
    45 lei

    Savory tart with tomatoes, ricotta cheese, eggs and parmesan.

  • Caponata di verdure
    mediterranee e robiolina
    56 lei

    Potatoes, eggplant, courgettes, tomatoes, onion, olives, cappers, robiola cheese and pine nuts

  • Melanzana alla
    61 lei

    Aubergine, mozarella, tomatoes, basil, parmesan.

  • Vitello tonnato della
    66 lei

    Veal with tuna sauce with cappers and mayonnaise.

  • Carpaccio di vitello 64 lei

    Veal carpaccio, rucola pesto, truffle mayonnaise.

  • Burrata 74 lei

    Burrata di Andria, rucola and cherry tomatoes.

  • Tagliere salumi /
    formaggi / misto
    85 lei

    Selected mix of charcuterie and/or cheese (250g).



  • Pesce in padella 96 lei

    Today's fresh fish from the market (salmon, sea bass or tuna) with seasonal vegetables.

  • Branzino all'acqua
    104 lei

    Seabass with cherry tomatoes, peranzana olives, capers, garlic and parsley.

  • Porchetta al forno 84 lei

    Roasted pork breast with seasonal vegetables.

  • Cotoletta alla
    93 lei

    Tender veal with egg and breadcrumb crust, with baked new potatoes.

  • Insalata di polpo 97 lei

    Octopus, potatoes, olives, cherry tomatoes.

  • Polpo alla griglia 97 lei

    Octopus tentacles on the grill with sweet potatoes and rosemary oil

  • Tagliata di manzo 116 lei

    Beef steak, new potatoes, rucola, cherry tomatoes and bearnaise sauce.



  • Patate in padella
    con rosmarino
    33 lei

    Rosemary pan-fried potatoes.

  • Verdure alla griglia 33 lei

    Mixed grilled vegetables.

  • Insalata mista 37 lei

    Green salad, rucola, cherry tomatoes.


  • Torta tiramisu
    35 lei

    Tiramisu with raspberries.

  • Torta Nocciole 35 lei

    Hazelnut cake with vanilla cream and almond flakes.

  • Opera 35 lei

    Chocolate and coffee cake.

  • Torta limone 35 lei

    Lemon and meringue tart.

  • Salame al cioccolato 25 lei

    Chocolate salami.

  • Crostata 25 lei

    Crunchy tart with apricot or forest berries jam.

  • Tiramisu 35 lei
  • Panna cotta 35 lei
  • Rotolo di meringa 35 lei

    Meringue roll with fresh berries.

  • Pesche dolci 20 lei

    Peach-shaped cake with vanilla and chocolate filling.

  • Pavlova 35 lei
  • Chocolate cake 35 lei
  • Tortino 20 lei

    Mini tarts with fresh fruit.

  • Coppa mascarpone 35 lei

    Mascarpone cream with cantucci.

  • Cannoli 35 lei

    Cannoli with pastry cream.


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Dolci Wines

  • Moscato d'Asti DOCG 140 lei

    Moscato | Vietti | Piemonte




List of allergens

The products prepared in this restaurant may contain the following allergens according to the classification of Regulation (EU) NO.1169/2011 of the European Parliament:

1. Cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled wheat, buckwheat or their hybrids) and derived products

2. Crustaceans and derived products

3. Eggs and derived products

4. Fish and derived products

5. Peanuts and derived products

6. Soy and derived products

7. Milk and derived products (including lactose)

8. Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts and Queensland nuts) and derived products

9. Celery and derived products

10. Mustard and derived products

11. Sesame seeds and derived products

12. Sulfur dioxide and sulfites in concentrations over 10 mg/kg or 10 mg/liter

13. Lupine and derived products

14. Molluscs and derived products