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Sopresa trevisana (200gr)

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Typical sopressa from Treviso, is produced in the Prosecco hills

Product Description


Sopressa produced in Treviso area with the meat of Italian pigs


It shows a nice meaty color and a homogenous texture, with well-distributed fat and lean
parts, very soft also closed to the gut


Sweet, with very low acidity and notes of wine and spices


It is dried for 8 days in warm rooms, then matured in wine cellars as in the past, thanks to
the particular climate conditions of the hills in Valdobbiadene area


Salumificio De Stefani – Valdobbiadene (TV) – Veneto


It is an artisan product, produced by Cesare e Giacomo De Stefani with selected meat of
Italian pigs, wrapped in the natural gut and matured in wine cellars, as the tradition requires


Perfect with pickles for a starter, delicious with mushrooms and hot polenta for an autumn
dish; very nice also cooked in a frying pan with a few drops of vinegar

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