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Petto di tacchino cotto al forno (200gr)

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Roasted turkey’s breast

Product Description


Turkey’s breast, roasted using a very low quantity of salt


The slice has a homogeneous light pink color with hazel-colored edges; the signs of the
grill on which the cooking is made are evident


Sweet and lightly savory, with intense notes of roasted and delicate hints of aromatic herbs


Forno d’Oro – San Tomio di Malo (VI) – Veneto


This product is free from gluten, added polyphosphates, monosodium glutamate, low in fat
and with the quantity of sodium/salt less than 1 g / 100g


„Forno d’Oro” produces traditional roasted white meats cooked on the grid: the golden
color is the result of cooking and does not result from the use of colorants. „Forno d’Oro”
also appears in the AIC list (Italian Celiac Association)


Great both as an appetizer or as a second main course

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