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Pancetta afumicata cruda (200gr)

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Pancetta from Trentino Alto Adige, smoked with beech wood

Product Description


Smoked pancetta obtained from selected cuts from Italian pigs, smoked with beech wood


Flat, with rectangular shape; without rind so it is easy to clean and without waste


Slightly spicy, with an intense cinnamon scent; in the mouth, the taste is sweet with a slightly
smoky sensation


Meggio Roberto – Grigno – Trento (TN) – Trentino Alto Adige


Ezio Meggio says that he prepare the cold cuts as if they are for him and for his family:
a philosophy that is a real guarantee of products made with passion and love. This pancetta is
designed for kitchen use: it is without rind, easy to clean and without waste

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