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Olive verdi di bella cerignola (200gr)

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The famous green olives from the city of Cerignola, in Puglia

Product Description


GG caliber Bella Cerignola green olives


Those are distinguished by the oval shape, larger than other varieties, and the ease of
the detachment of the very fatty pulp from the cor


Sweet and slightly herbaceous


Azienda Agricola Fratepietro – Cerignola (FG) – Puglia


Abbiamo scelto le olive prodotte da Andrea Fratepietro di Cerignola (FG) perchè produceolive Bella di Cerignola dal 1980, seguendo con attenzione l’intera filiera: un aspetto al quale
Andrea e il papà Giovanni tengono particolarmente


Bella di Cerignola is one of the largest table olives in the world; it grows only in the territory of
Cerignola, south of Tavoliere delle Puglie, where fertile soil rich in minerals, sun, and wind
allow the exceptional growth of this fruit


Ideal for seasoning a salad, to enrich the classic Italian appetizer or simply as an aperitif

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