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Oferta Grano 1

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Product Description



Tagliere misto 125gr/person
(A delicious  selection of Mortadella, Prosciutto crudo, Coppa, Pecorino Romano,

Provolone and Caciotta di capra with mixed salad, olives and cherry tomatoes)

Insalata Pasta 100gr/person
(Cold pasta  salad with tuna, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, black olives,

olive oil ,and Aceto di Modena)

Insalata Burrata125gr/person
(Fresh Burrata cheese,rucola salad and cherry tomatoes)

Grissini fatti in casa avvolti di Prosciutto crudo 100gr/person

(Homemade hand-rolled rosemary grissini wrapped inside Prosciutto Crudo)


Polpette al Forno 100gr/person
(Authentic pork meatballs slow cooked in homemade  tomato sauce
Lasagna al Pesto (VEGETARIAN) 125gr/person
(Homemade beef lasagna)

Verdure alla griglia 75gr/person
(Grilled mixed vegetables drizzled with olive oil and smoky salt)

Patate al burro 75gr/person
(baby potatoes baked in butter)


Dolci mixti  100gr/person 
(Crostata, Torta limone, Cannoli, Opera  and Pesche dolci)
*In order to deliver the order , it must be made 48 hours prior to your event.
**Menu available for a minimum of 10 persons.
Dear guests, for the moment, due to rush hour conditions, we are not doing deliveries. Maintaining a high level of quality is our main goal. Thank you for your understanding!