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Lardo di colonneta IGP (200gr)

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Famous and delicious handcrafted lard from Tuscany

Product Description


Lard obtained from Large White or Landrace pigs born, breaded and slaughtered in Italy,
with a weight above 250 kg; the lard is seasoned and left to mature for at least 6 months in
natural cellars in Colonnata


The height of lard is quite important, at least 5 cm, squared shaped, well-trimmed and
covered by sea salt in grains, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, starred anise, Italian
garlic and local rosemary


Perfume is fragrant and rich of aromatic and sweet hints, the taste is delicate, mild and slightly


At least 8 months


Giannarelli – Colonnata (MS) – Tuscany


The habit of maturing lard in Carrara marble cases called conche goes back to Xl century;Recipes transmitted from generation to generation and protected jealously by any


The skin has to be removed before consumption, then you can thinly slice the lard and lay it on a
crunchy toasted bread; according to marble workers onion and tomato are ideal
companions with lard

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