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Guanciale alla Colonnata (200gr)

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Guanciale made with the cheeks of Padano pigs and aged 6 months in Colonnata

Product Description


Made with the cheeks of the very big Padano pigs and aged for at least 6 months


When cut, the slice has a beautiful white color with bright red veins


Sugary-sweet, round, full to the palate, buttery and delicately meaty, characteristics that
make this piece of charcuterie outstanding in recipes. When sautèed it gives a strong fume
and nutty aroma


Giannarelli – Colonnata (MS) – Tuscany


Enjoyed very thinly sliced, raw, like carpaccio, and flavored with black pepper, rosemary and
olive oil. Excellent in Amatriciana sauce. Beautiful with gnocchi or in a simple sauce made
with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

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