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Formaggio di capra al traminer (200gr)

37,60 lei

Semi hard goat’s cheese affined with Traminer grape dregs

Product Description


Semi hard cheese produced with pasteurized goat’s milk and affined with Traminer grape dregs


The rind is thin and covered locally with the dregs of the must. The color of the paste is white to ivory. The paste is wet with small yes scattered across


The taste is long, round, dolce with the aroma of the dregs of the grapes. The aftertaste is long, dolce, winey with hints of wood and forest


At least 6 months


Latteria Perenzin – San Pietro di Feletto (TV) – Veneto


Emanuela e Carlo manage the Latteria Perenzin dairy, founded 4 generations ago. Emanuela is the great granddaughter of Domenico Perenzin the founder with his children, (one of whom Valentino Angelo was Emanuela’s grandfather) of the first dairy at the beginning of the 1900’s in Tarzo, a few kilometres from the site built in 1958 and renovated in 1997


This cheese was born in the old days. At those days they used to put the cheese into the grape dregs to hide it from the war raids, but also to hide it for taxation purposes

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